How to get the bikes back from Beziers?

Well to start with, FlyBe say “We accept the carriage of bicycles on a stand-by basis only. Carriage will thus only take place if there is sufficient space available in the hold”, so we are not even guaranteed a place in the hold for our bikes to come home.   This is no different from our flight to Inverness, at the beginning of our End-to-End ride, but does beg the question, are we supposed to make separate arrangements on the spur of the moment, or would they follow us on a later flight?

Assuming that we get our place in the hold, how do we pack them? 

FlyBe state – “To ensure the safe carriage of your bicycle, we require that your bicycle be prepared as follows:

  • Handlebars must be turned and locked in line with the frame.
  • Pedals must be removed or turned inwards.
  • The front wheel must be removed and securely attached to the frame.
  • The tyres must be fully deflated.
  • The bicycle must be bagged or boxed, wherever possible”

 On the End-to-End, we were able to prepare heavy cardboard boxes, which we discarded at Inverness. This time, we will not have such materials available.  Fortunately many others have been here before us and recorded their experience on various forums and blogs:-

 It seems that a bike wrapped in clear plastic (and obviously vulnerable), is treated with due care by most baggage handlers, so that is the plan.   At least, any damage on the way home will not scupper the holiday.


We packed up a large quantity of heavy duty cellophane, tape, bungees, knives and assorted spanners and keys, and send them on ahead to Beziers. Fortunately, we are finishing the ride at Richard’s Uncle’s Chateau near Beziers, and he has kindly received them ahead of our trip. Thanks Norman:)

Packing Materials

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